Creativity + Life Balance

Creativity + Life Balance

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Allow our Creativity & Life Balance candle help you achieve the life you dream of and deserve. Clear the mental chaos and focus on creativity and organisation.

Infused with Opalite, Rainbow Fluroite, Moonstone and a beautiful dried botanicals; this candle is designed to aid with new beginnings, creating our visions and dreams and balancing everything in our hectic lives.

✖️O P A L I T E: a stone of new beginnings and a great mood stabiliser.

✖️R A I N B O W  F L U O R I T E: to enhance creative thoughts, promote spiritual development, mental clarity and a balanced view on life. Aids in manifesting our ideas and bringing them to life. Rainbow Fluorite attracts good news and favourable opportunities while also keeping motivation levels high so we can achieve all we set out to achieve.

✖️M O O N S T O N E: a stone associated with our inner goddess and known for its association with the moon. It aids us to draw on the moons energies and helps to clear the mind of negative emotions, reminding us that it has our back, and we’ve got this!

✖️Eco-friendly large soy wax candle.

✖️65+ hour burn time.

✖️Unique non-toxic fragrances.