Manifest your Destiny

Manifest your Destiny

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Mookaite + Garnet + Carnelian + Dry Peppercorns = the exact combination we need to give us the courage, confidence and energy to accept change, make big decisions and bring our dreams into reality.

M o o k a i t e || encourages us to take control of our destiny and reach for the stars. It does this by encouraging both a desire for new experiences and a deep calmness with which to face them.

Like a stable and reliable wingman, Mookaite points out all life’s new possibilities and assists us in choosing the right pathway to get there.

G a r n e t || to balance our emotions and protect us against stress while revealing our purpose in life and bringing our dreams to reality.

C a r n e l i a n || a stone of confidence and courage, to help us face the future with determination and spirit.

✖️Eco-friendly large soy wax candle.

✖️65+ hour burn time.

✖️Unique non-toxic fragrances.